Orders filled.

Both our open orders are filled:

  1. We sold 10 puts PANACOS PHARMA (PANC – USD 2.81) January 2008 with strike USD 2.50 at a price of USD 0.35.  For the obligation to buy PANC at USD 2.50 if the stock would trade below 2.50 towards the maturity of the option in January, we receive an upfront payment of USD 350 (10*100*0.35).  As a 100% margin (fully cask covered puts), our bank will block our savings account by USD 2.500.  PANC can fall USD 0.66 or 23% before the trade will produce a loss.
  2. We paid USD 0.75 to buy back (close buy) our short September puts on EVERGREEN SOLAR (ESLR – USD 8.95).  We had sold these puts at USD 1.15, so we make a gain of USD 400.
Our blog is now 1 month old.  With over 3.500 visitors we can be more than satisfied.  Thanks for stopping by.  In the coming months we will try to improve the quality.  Feedback welcome!  

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i'm going with this PANC and DNDN trade you've got lined up. Good strategy!

Gepost door: wes | 13-09-07

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