ENER order filled.

Our order to sell 2 puts Energy Conversion Devices (ENER - USD 25.95) october 2007 USD 25 at a price of USD 1.65 was filled last week. By selling these puts we are entering the obligation to buy 200 ENER shares at a price of USD 25 if they trade below that level by mid October. Our savings account is credited with the option-premium of USD 330 (2*100*1.65). The 100% margin of the trade amounts to USD 5.000 (2*100*25). These funds are blocked on the account as a guarantee. Click here for the actual option price: http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=EQIVE.X.

Below, we listed the 3 short put options that are maturing this month. Only Evergreen Solar (ESLR) trades ITM (in-the-money). The position however is still above break-even.

September 2007 maturities

TickerStock priceContractsStrikePrice soldReceived premiumBreak-even
ESLRUSD 8,9710 putsUSD 10USD 1,15USD 1.150USD 8,85
ACADUSD 14,395 putsUSD 12,50USD 1,60USD 800USD 10,90
KRYUSD 2,8520 putsUSD 2,50USD 0,30USD 600USD 2,20

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